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Thank you for visiting! We are here to offer affordable and accessible Chiropractic care in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Dr. Caponio, DC works with patients of a variety of age ranges and conditions. His experience as a former elite athlete affords him unique insight and perspective when working with his patients. His Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic-West, allows him the skills and tools to diagnose your condition(s) and provide treatments that can offer you relief. You do not have to suffer with pain in your back, neck, shoulder(s), hip(s), jaw, or other extremity/joint nor suffer with stiff, tight muscles, etc., treatment is available!

All are welcome, as he offers care to those who were previously injured, those experiencing current conditions and symptoms, as well as those who are well and would like to enjoy the benefits of maintenance Chiropractic care for the prevention of injury from daily-use/overuse/posture positions. Whether you are a new patient, a current patient, or a returning patient, we encourage you to use the link above to book your visit.

Treatment times are respectful of your busy schedule, and we are also open on Saturday mornings. Efforts are made to keep wait times to a minimum and you can enjoy current magazines in our comfortable reception area.

In the office, we aim to keep things simple and straight forward in order to focus on patient care. We accept payment at the time of service, and accept credit card, check, cash, and FSA cards. We can also provide to you the receipts/documents that you need to remit to your reimbursement destination of choice (ex. FSA, HSA, Insurance). Please make your requests known to the receptionist for an itemized receipt and your request will be processed. Please advise that we do not bill insurance, nor are we in network with insurance.

To explore if Chiropractic is for you, you can book your appointment at the "Book Your Appointment" link above or call (925) 818-6894 to schedule your Consultation/Examination and first treatment. We look forward to your appointment so we can get started with assisting you in your journey toward improved health and well-being!

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